Search and Download Subtitles From Multiple Websites Using TinySubs

Watching movies with subtitles is commonplace these days. It helps non native people better understand the plot of the movie which they’re watching. There are a lot of free subtitle downloading websites present on the internet which allow users to search and download subtitles for movies and TV shows in their preferred languages.

Tinysubs is an online subtitle search and download website which is different from other websites since it allows users to perform real time searches for the subtitles which they want to download. The great thing about Tinysubs is that it performs real time subtitle searches from other subtitle hosting websites as well which include,, etc. Support for most of the world languages is given in search options.


Another great feature of Tinysubs is that it features all the latest releases; movies and TV shows and then categroizes search results according to match patterns. The most matches search results are arranged on top whereas the other results are written downwards.


TinySubs also has a Mozilla Firefox browser add-on which can be downloaded and installed to enable real time subtitle searches from the browser window itself without having to visit the TinySubs website itself.

TinySubs is a great resource for all your subtitle needs and is highly recommended for use. The website can be accessed here and the Firefox add-on for TinySubs can be downloaded via this link.

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