ScreenSaver App: Free Screensaver for iPhone

It isn’t everyday that you come across free applications on Cydia for new themes, screensaver for iPhone and wallpapers. Today I’ll be sharing with you an app that you can download for free from Cydia and use it get iPhone screensaver.

The app itself is simply known as ScreenSaver, and all it does is provide you a list of files to chose from and use them as a screensaver for iPhone. ScreenSaver was launched a few days ago, and since then it has been downloaded a lot of times. It is yet another iPhone app that can be used for the customization and adding screensaver for your iPhone.

ScreenSaver Screenshot

ScreenSaver app is actually quite interesting, because of the way it makes the screensaver for iPhone. It doesn’t actually download anything, but uses stored .mov files in its library to play it when the iPhone is locked. In turn, this works as an iPhone screensaver, coming on when you lock your iPhone.

Of course, this will effect the battery as it will be playing a .mov file when your iPhone could actually be saving battery. But, that’s not the point here, it’s about customization of your iPhone, your jailbroken iDevice. You can also add your own shortened .mov clips by copying them to the path provided by the app /var/mobile/Library/ScreenSavers/. Watch the demo video of the ScreenSaver app after the break.

This is a free Cydia app, and can be obtained by searching for it in the Big Boss Repository.

Tell us what you think of this little app that can make your iPhone even more attractive.