Schedule Your Facebook and Twitter Updates Using Free Utilities

Although there are several methods to update Twitter and Facebook accounts even if you are not sitting on your computer but many of these methods have some limitations and restrictions. Moreover, most of these updating services are limited to just update the Facebook status or a tweet but the ability to schedule update is not there. So being able to schedule your Facebook and Twitter status and page will indeed be really useful. Here are some of the methods that you can use to schedule your Facebook and Twitter updates:



It is a dedicated Twitter and Facebook client having primary role of scheduling Facebook updates. Most of the free accounts do not schedule updates in a bulk but users can schedule numerous updates individually. Using HootSuite the newly created update can be scheduled by clicking on the calendar, users have to select the exact time and date when they want the update to appear. All the Facebook updates scheduled through HootSuite also feature a link to the app itself.



This particular client can schedule both the Twitter and Facebook status updates, the interface is minimalist and focus entirely on updates scheduling for both Facebook and Twitter. The main disadvantage of LaterBro is that all the status updates is limited on the number of characters domain, for Twitter it has 140 characters limit while for Facebook the limit is 420 characters. Users cannot add images to their updates but there is a URL shortener as well. All the updates can be scheduled after every fifteen minutes interval but users can also schedule certain updates on a weekly or even a monthly basis.

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Do let us know if you use any other tool which let you schedule updates to Twitter and Facebook at the same time.