Run Android Apps in Windows with BlueStacks App Player

There are more than 200,000 apps available on the Android market, but it’s not like you can try all of them on your mobile phone can you? Well, what if you could try it on your Windows PC. Yup, you’ve heard of the famous Angry Birds game being made to run on Windows, well the same thing has happened again.

BluesStacks is a Windows software that can run any Android app on your PC in full screen mode, can sync apps from your Android phone to PC and it works really really smooth as well. The software has been under development since almost 6 months now, and yet it’s still in Alpha.

So, don’t panic if apps crash when you’re in an intense gaming situation. The best part, it’s all free. Yes, you can install up to 26 Android apps at once and use them, but not more than that. You’ll have to uninstall and delete a few to add new ones!! That’s a downer, but it won’t be same for long. According to the BlueStacks team;

With 56-percent of smartphone consumers purchasing an Android device in the last three months[1], it’s apparent that Android is rapidly becoming a preferred operating system. The BlueStacks App Player now gives users one-click access to their favorite Android apps right on their Windows PC. Both Windows and Android users stand to benefit greatly from this capability.

Well, I for one, totally agree with what they have to say and I’m already using the App Player to it’s core. It’s amazing. If you liked a game on your mobile device, but it did not work so well on it, then you can download it on your PC using BlueStacks App Player. The simplest way to run Android apps in Windows. Check out this video and be stunned.

You can download BlueStacks App Player right away and try out your favorite Android apps in Windows. Sadly, this is not available on Mac, but it will be soon.