Rovio Releases Free Version of Angry Birds HD with 12 Levels

I don’t think anyone needs an introduction to Angry Birds any more. It has quickly made its way up as the most popular game on all platforms. Rovio has just released free Angry Birds HD game for iPad owners with 12 levels. I don’t think any other iPad game is as addictive as this.


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We love Angry Birds for both its simple gameplay as well as the advanced physics involved which makes the whole experience very real and occupying. The game is actually so simple that you don’t need any instructions at all to play the game.

Any novice can play the game and enjoy helping the birds to destroy the evil pigs.


Free Angry Birds HD Game features:

This particular free version of the game has 12 levels which are not featured in the Full version of the game. The full game is priced at $4.99 for iPad owners. A free version had always existed for iPhone owners but not for the iPad. The free version has 4 mini episodes and does include Game Center support.

In my opinion this free app is a must have for all iPad owners, even those of you who are not so much into mobile games. You are going to get addicted to it. This really is the most addictive iPad game ever.

Here’s the App Store link to download the Free Angry Birds HD.

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