Review: Micromax MMX 310G 3G USB Modem

3G services are finally rolling out all over the country. We decided to review the various USB modems available in the market. We started out with the Micromax MMX 310G 3G USB modem and were really pleased with the results of both the software and hardware that came along. This modem can be used with any GSM sim card be it Airtel, Docomo or BSNL among various other 3G providers in the country. Unboxing pictures and full review after the break.

Micromax MMX 310G Review:

Unboxing Pictures:

Micromax mmx 310g 3g usb modem review1

Micromax mmx 310g 3g usb modem review3

Micromax mmx 310g 3g usb modem review6

Specs and Price:

This unit cost me INR 2200 and does not have any lock on carrier. You can use it with any carrier worldwide. It supports HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM. The maximum download speed of this unit is 3.6 Mbps. There are other costlier modems available which offer speeds upto 7.2 Mbps but I don’t think I’ll be able to benefit much from that yet given the current speeds offered by our cellular providers.

You can also use this to read your MicroSD card and as a portable disc drive. Please note that when a card is inserted(opposite side of the SIM tray) the ROM will not appear on your computer. So don’t insert any MicroSD cards while installing.

Micromax mmx 310g 3g usb modem review5

The SIM is installed using a tray which slides out partly. While there are no issues with the tray and you can install micro-sims with a little effort, I would have preferred an open mechanism where inserting the micro-sim is easier with metallic contacts visible. Since most of my SIMs are cut into micro-sims for the iPhone 4, I faced this difficulty. Once I get my sim card adapter this should be not an issue at all.

Micromax mmx 310g 3g usb modem review4

Drivers and Software Compatibility:

I was really not expecting Micromax to do so well in this category. In the past I have had a lot of issues with the drivers of Reliance NetConnect. The Micromax MMX 310G does not come with any extra CD. You just plug the USB modem into your computer and then choose the Installer for your OS from the modem’s ROM.

Micromax mmx 310g 3g usb modem review10

It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The Mac installation on Snow Leopard was a breeze for me.

Micromax mmx 310g 3g usb modem review8

Micromax mmx 310g 3g usb modem review9

The second great thing about the software is that it has pre-configured profiles for almost all the network providers worldwide. From AT&T and T-Mobile in the US to Airtel 3G and BSNL 3G in India. You don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty of APN address and phone number to dial etc. Just choose your network from the list and set it as default.

Micromax mmx 310g 3g usb modem review7


I tested the unit with my BSNL 3G Sim and the modem worked perfectly. I got peak speeds of 3.2 Mbps and average speeds of 2.4 Mbps outdoors. Indoors the speed was a tad lesser. Obviously, this is not the modem’s limitation but how 3G networks function. The closer you are to the broadcasting towers the better the speeds.

Do share with us what 3G devices you use and how do they perform for you.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I am using this Modem from last six months and I recommend this modem coz one can use this with any sim card…..
    Review is really great as only after reading this I came to know about the card reader function of this modem ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Good review Rajat. It seems this modem works really well (by the way you have reviewed it). More over the networking listing of almost all the operators is what I liked the most about this modem. BTW how does BSNL 3G works? I’ve never used it.

  3. Hi Kunal. BSNL 3G is really great to use and has the widest network so far among all the providers. the only things that’s left is download speeds.

    the speed is inversely proportional to distance from tower. if you’re close you’ll get 3mbps and if you’re far it goes on decreasing and reaches 155kbps(gprs/edge speeds) that’s the case for not just bsnl but Airtel and others too. so if you have good reception in your home/office go for it.

  4. hi rajat, review is realy too good .
    actually m going perchase this modem but can u tell me onething? with 2g net of bsnl ,can we use mics or not? is there any intrupet will come come or not in voice calling?

  5. @prince
    thanks. 2g speeds will be slower. something between 10-20kbps. voice calling will work but might get disconnected frequently depending on coverage in your area. for example, at office my airtel 2g works just fine for voice calling over skype or yahoo.

  6. hi
    can yu plz tell me which one is more better micromax 310g or 350g n plz provide with d difference in both?

  7. Hi,

    It would be helpful if you post the details of retailer or the distributor where I could get these. But I could get only Huwai!

    I have tried to en quire most of the shops, where I could not find.

    Pls, Provide details with each State!


  8. hi Sumit thanks for the review

    i have a problem regarding this device… i am using this device in U.P from last 5 months,it works fine but when i comes outside u.p then it shows no signal i have been changed sim as per local network i think is there any lock?is is possible to break this lock?

  9. Dear Parag, I have been using this Modem outside U.P from a long time…I never faced any such problem……Go to the Settings and select network as Automatic and Network Mode as UMTS….as UMTS provides a better speed than GPRS…..but overall its BSNL so one cant predict abt network ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi, sumit you have done a great job, disclosing almost everything of this modem. I have just purchased this and using with reliance and getting normal speed. I just want to know, if Docomo gives good speed as comparison to reliance? If yes docomo has cheapest plans. Further, Can I use CDMA sim in this card?

  11. @anil
    docomo will give you great speeds at times but it is also very inconsistent. at other instances it will simply refuse to work. I got really tired trying to get docomo to work while travelling. docomo’s support had absolutely no clue what’s going on and could not help either.

    And this device will only work with gsm not cdma.

  12. hi
    can you please tell me how to install it onto the linux.
    in the rom there are no setup file for it so can you please tell me from where i can find the setup file of it.

  13. in micromax 7.2mbps data speed modems are available are not, if available pls tell about that performance friends…!

  14. Is there any software to make it work as a simple phone (not internet modem) with a valid SIM card incerted and connected to a PC with mic and speaker.

  15. i am Ghanashyam. i Have a Problem, can use this with any sim cardโ€ฆ..
    and Devise is found but displayed is “No Service”.
    So tell Me

  16. every thing is ok but i am suffering because ther is no call facility on modem please help me out

  17. Yes you can’t call with this datacard, but if you have webcam installed in your computer and the same is available in your calling party you can do it with seeing pictures too.

  18. I have used docomo in this card which is giving very poor speed of 6kbps, so I am again using reliance which is giving 28kbps.

  19. hiii i want to know how can i be able to check the total usage by using this device.

  20. Hi Shikha, different companies have diff. procedures to know the data used. Like in Reliance you must send MBAL to 55333. and in docomo *111# will do the work. Thus first you have to tell which SIM you are using?

  21. Please let me know how to install this in Linux, am a new user of Linux and not much aware abt installation procedure on it..

  22. Sorry, this datacard does not support linux, this support only windows 7, 2000, vista and XP. So before using this card you first install a windows in your system.

  23. hi..
    i’m using this datacard with airtel sim..pls tel me how can i check the speed.?its very slower.And also which sim s better for this product?

  24. sir,
    please send the reliance gsm gprs settings into my micromax usb 3g modem (mmx 310g).i am unable to connect the net with reliance gsm sim which is infact is running net in my nokia x2-00.

  25. @ Ramesh Babu. please contact *355 Reliance 3G helpline. you will get help there.

  26. @Saranya. It is as simple as ABC. Just hit Statistics tab at your MMX310 G USB manager which you get while establishing a connection to your system.

  27. hiiiiiii i am lalit using mmx310g usb modem with reliance 3g sim….it give downloading speed of 7-10 kbps……plzzz tell me how can i speed it up………………

  28. i think you are far away from Reliance tower. because speed is inversely proportional to distance from the tower.

  29. Dear sir
    I am working at Maldives, in a small land. our room don’t have net connection os that I bey a 3g USB MODEM, Model-micro max mmx310. when i talk to my family in India I heard my family talk, but they don’t heart my talk. Please help me how to use this MODEM.

  30. depends on your location. the one that gives you strongest signal will get you greatest speed. therefore one whose tower is closest to your home or office.

  31. can i use 2g in this modem as well as 3g of any service provider and what is the price of this modem and where should i purchase it in udaipur (rajasthan) any contect no for inquery

    whitch model are available with 2g and 3g with all service provider

  32. sir,
    please send the reliance gsm gprs settings into my micromax usb 3g modem (mmx 310g).i am unable to connect the net with reliance gsm sim .

  33. @Pinkosh. Yes this modem works for both 2g and 3g and for any network as well. you can easily find it anywhere across india. for further news visit
    @Angel. You need not get Reliance settings, as one is given in datacard software itself. you just need to hit Setting–Connection profile–Add–Choose from predefined list–Next–(Select Reliance)–Click on Reliance–Default—OK
    That’s it.

  34. i have a problem with my modem, when i log on my pc and open it, it shows no device. when i reinstall it it shows the error code 5.

  35. Hi , i am Using Micromax MMX 200G last 2 year and i am happy with that because it sport all sim card with high speed….
    Thanks to

  36. But since some time I am able to use only one SIM Reliance. For all other SIMs it shows “Dial failed”
    Please give me suggestion why it has stopped running with other SIMs?

  37. Hi nilesh, You need not do anything for reliance GSM, just go to setting and choose from predefined list of operators, you will find Reliance there, just select it and make it “Set default” It’s done.
    If no success, revert it, we will solve problem.

  38. Hi Mukesh, you need to contact to CC of vodafone, they will do the needful. However, what error message you are getting?

  39. I am using Micromax 310G with tata Docomo 2G, Which is giving Downloading Speed up to 15kb/ps. my other friends are using Same network & getting downloading speed Upto 250kb/ps. please provide a solution

  40. I am using this modem from last 2 months. Its a very good product from micromax. Some times I have problem of frequent disconnection and when disconnected the connect function does not work and the modem is not detected. When I remove and reinsert the modem it starts working again. I think its my pc prob as its old now. Also initially when I started using TATA DOCOMO sim with 2g plan of 8 gbfor rs 149, the speed was around 1.2 mbps (+-) but has dropped to 10-20 kbps now. BSNL is giving me a good speed of around 1.2 Mbps max and around 40-60 kbps which is enough for surfing any site(3 gb for 98 rs). Just 1 question if I go for micromax 352G will it work better then this or same performance ?

  41. @Robin. You need not search Vodafone settings as they are preloaded with this modem, itself. Just go to setting and choose from predefined list, Vodafone is there, I have seen.

  42. 1) i have MMX352G 3G USB modem the brand is micromax. i want to know can i insert micro sd card in it.
    2)can i call with this modem?

  43. @abhinav, yes you can insert SD card in it and can transfer data from PC to mobile and viceversa. Secondly you can call with a software skype.

  44. My micromax mmx310g modemusing using BSNL 2G Service is not working when i connect it to my pc via usb a red light comes then no light comes my computer is also not reading was working fine before how has this happen…. i had tried in XP SP2,SP3 Windows 7 in different pc but having same problem pls solve my problem and do me a favour…..

    Thanking You!!
    …..In Advance….

  45. which sim should i use that will give best speed for MMX310G 3G Usb Manger?. n higher rupeez charges will improve speed or not.

  46. i have a “idea sim” and mmx310G data card…what is the setting for idea sim in connection profile??there is no connection with internet…please suggest as soon as possible…..

  47. Hi Rajat, I am using mmx 310g for the last 3 months. It worked well for the 1st month on my windows 7 home basic. But since I upgraded my windows to ultimate version, I am getting this esses message on connecting this modem to my laptop- NO DEVICE. I went to micromax authorised service centre. They replaced the product with a new one. But again I am getting the same error message. To male it work, I have to uninstall and then again reinstall the manager everytime I plugin the modem. I again went to the service centre with the problem. When the service centre people connected the modem to their pc, it was working well. I am using 64bit version of Windows 7 ultimate. I want to know if you have checked this device with the similar configuration as mine? anybody else experiencing the same problem as mine? Please comment. What shall I do? Shall I revert back to the same old basic version? or is there any alternate solution to this problem. Thanks in advance

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