Review: Desktop Curtain for Mac

Whether you are a blogger or a developer or a teacher, if you do take a lot of screenshots on your Mac you will really like this small tool called Desktop Curtain which will provide a clean clutter free background for your screenshots. Why take the trouble of moving all your desktop icons away when you have Desktop Curtain. App review after the break.

I have been using this app for as long as I have been blogging. Desktop Curtain was first released in 2006 by Many Tricks. There are two versions as of today. The free classic version, what I have been using so long, can be downloaded from the developer’s website while the paid version with a few additional features is now available on the Mac App Store for $2.

Desktop curtain mac 5

You can select either an image or a solid color background. Just as the name suggests Desktop Curtain will act like a curtain in front of your desktop icons giving you a clutter free are to take screenshots. Alternatively, you can also configure it to act as a window so it lies between or behind other windows or as a curtain behind the desktop icons. You can use the latter option in case you wanted a different desktop background just for a few screenshots. If you make screencasts you will find it useful. No need to go to desktop settings everytime.

Desktop curtain mac 2

In order to access or change preferences just right click on the curtain after launch and select preferences. Alternatively, hold the option key while launching the Desktop Curtain app.

Desktop curtain mac 1

The developer has also included another useful feature letting you choose what to do in case of app relaunch. You can choose to quit application or show preferences when app is relaunched when already running.

Desktop curtain mac 3

The curtain interacts really well with OS X’s Spaces and Exposé.

I find this app particularly useful when taking screenshots for app reviews or tutorials and also during presentations when I don’t want viewers to see my desktop contents. This is a must have tool for every Mac user.