Review: Belkin Surf Wireless N300 Router

Today we are sharing the Belkin Surf Wireless Router review. We got the N300 model instead of the basic N150 because our primary need was sharing internet and files with the PlayStation 3 and we wanted the fastest speeds available. Unboxing pictures and full review after the break.

Unboxing Pictures:

Belkin surf wireless router review unboxing 1 Belkin surf wireless router review unboxing 2 Belkin surf wireless router review unboxing 3 Belkin surf wireless router review unboxing 4 Belkin surf wireless router review unboxing 5 Belkin surf wireless router review unboxing 6 Belkin surf wireless router review unboxing 7

Specs & Price:

This is a Wireless Router and does not have a modem. Belkin has four models each under Wireless Routers and Wireless Modem Routers. You can view Belkin’s comparison here.

We just needed a router to connect to our existing ADSL modem to provide a network in our house with greater speeds and range. We often share massive content locally with the Macs and PS3, therefore the 802.11n spec was a must for us.

The official MRP of this unit is INR 3099 or USD 49.99. I purchased it from a local retailer for Rs. 2300.

Initially I was skeptical about buying from Belkin since my last Belkin N+ RouterĀ F5D8235 failed in a day and Belkin failed to offer a replacement for a month forcing me to return the unit and buy from another brand. However, this time the experience has been really great so far.


As compared to their previous line of routers and modems, Belkin has gone an extra step this time to simplify everything at the user end. Right from the packaging to the performance of the unit.

Belkin surf wireless router review unboxing 10

As you can see for yourself in the unboxing pictures above, the router came with the two cables attached to it and with three simple 1,2,3 labels to simplify the process. Even a lay man can install this unit and get it to work in less than two minutes. Why use instruction manuals at all, when you can make things this simple. Other manufacturers have something to learn here from Belkin.

Belkin surf wireless router review unboxing 8 Belkin surf wireless router review unboxing 9

The router itself has a very minimalistic design. There is a single LED light which turns Green if Internet access is working fine. As soon as you complete the first two steps, the router will start functioning properly. The last step using the supplied disc can be skipped if you manually enter the wi-fi password on your device. Alternatively, you can insert the disc on every computer you want to connect automatically.

Belkin surf wireless router review unboxing 11 Belkin surf wireless router review unboxing 12


The range of the router was indeed better than my previous B/G router. I was most pleased by the transfer speeds from the Mac to the PlayStation 3. Both of these are compatible with 802.11n.


If you are looking for a router or modem+router this really is the perfect option in my opinion. The best parts that I like is the simple design and easy installation. Specs are mostly the same for all devices in this category.

The only downside about this router is the limited installation option. I would have really appreciated if Belkin provided an option to install the router on the wall as well, instead of just the tabletop installation.

Please note that this is not a sponsored review. The author purchased and reviewed the said device.

4 thoughts on “Review: Belkin Surf Wireless N300 Router”

  1. I purchased a Belkin SURF N300. Set up was easy but this router has a range of only eight (8) feet. I had to plug my seven(7) year old Linksys Wireless-G back in to my system to have wireless. I would NOT recommend this router to my worst enemy.

  2. Guys, just a heads up:

    PS3 is not 802.11n. It works with your Surf N300 because it is dual band and can use g devices (like a PS3) and n devices (like your Mac) at the same time. But you are getting g speeds and range out of your PS3.

  3. My new Surf N300 is the worst router I have owned. I bought it to replace the router I’ve been using for seven years. I thought I was buying a better router but I was wrong. After being online with two different techs trying everything they knew to tweek it the total working range of this router is seven (7) feet. It won’t even reach my laptop on the other side of the same room. My experience with this product;
    I would not reccomend the Surf N300 to my worst enemy.

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