Remove Voicemail button from iPhone with NoVoiceMail Cydia Tweak

If you are one of those iPhone users whose carrier does not support Voicemail service or does support but you don’t use it anyway, then here’s a Cydia tweak for your iPhone that you’ll really like. NoVoiceMail is a free app that hides the voicemail button from iPhone’s Thanks to folks at BlogsDna to let us know about this useful Cydia App.

If you are from India or Dubai then you probably don’t need this feature at all. If you use Google Voice for Voicemails then you are using another app and don’t want to be accidentally tapping on Voicemail while using your iPhone. If you are reading this post most likely you fall into one or the other category listed above.

Go ahead and get this free Cydia app.

How to Install NoVoiceMail:

NoVoiceMail is available for free on the BigBoss Repo.

Remove iphone voicemail 3

Go to Cydia > Search and Type NoVoiceMail. Tap on the app and then on Install.

Here’s the iPhone’s Phone app before and after applying the tweak:

Remove iphone voicemail 1

Remove iphone voicemail 2

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  1. This tweak will crash phone app if u press “add call” button during a call session.

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