Remove USB write protection error

The other day, my Kingston 2GB USB Pen Drive started showing up this weird error every time a Write operation was performed. I couldn’t rename, delete or write any file or folder. Even format operation was not being performed saying the disk is write protected. Just as I was about to give up thinking the Pen Drive had died I found out a solution.

You need to Low – Level Format your USB pen drive. Windows or even GParted in Linux does not perform a Low-Level format. They just do a normal one. Here I give below 2 such free utilities which will help you to format your USB drive and get it to work.

Run any of these and after format is complete. Reformat using the windows utility. It’ll start to work again. Be sure to recover all files before running a low level format as no recovery is possible after that.

Download : Apacer USB Repair Utility

Download : HDD Low Level Format Tool

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