Remove Infinite Page Refresh Problem in Mediafire

Do you download movies and other stuff from internet? Of course yes, daily we download lots of movies, songs and other stuff from the internet. All these stuffs are uploaded on the file hosting websites, like hotfile, rapidshare etc. In most of the file hosting website, we hate one thing i.e. waiting time. Before downloading any thing we have to wait for some random time. But this is not the case with Mediafire.

What is Mediafire?


Mediafire is one of most popular file hosting services in the world. I love Mediafire because there are no burdens of waiting time, even they allow parallel downloads.

Problem in Mediafire Download

Few days, I was downloading some content and I came across an infinite looping problem of page refreshing. The page was auto refreshing and simply displaying the message “Processing Download Request”. I got frustrated and tried to close the browser and changed many browsers but didn’t got anything.

Processing downloading request
Processing download request

Cause of Problem

This problem occurs because of some internal upgradations and implementing file restrictions in the database of Mediafire, due to which you start facing this problem. (Not sure, My own View). But the solution is working truly.


But no worries, you can get rid of this problem very easily!! What you need to do is, just clear your browser cookies (for Mediafire Website).

Follow these instructions to remove cookies

  • For IE(Internet Explorer) users
    • Go to Tools
    • In Tools, click on Internet Options
    • Click on Delete , Tick the option of Cookies Only
  • For Mozilla Firefox users
    • Go to Tools
    • In Tools, Click on Options
    • Go to Privacy tab
    • Click Show Cookies
    • Check Mediafire Cookies folder
    • Delete it
  • For Google Chrome users
    • Go to options of Chrome
    • Choose Under the hood tab
    • Click Clear Browser history (Check Delete Cookies, and other site must be checked)
    • Click Clear browsing data

Done!! I hope your problem solved now, I have solved this problem in such a simple way.

If you still face the same problem, Do let us know. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Remove Infinite Page Refresh Problem in Mediafire”

  1. Tried this on firefox 3.6.13. Found out that this is not working. But i found another way around. If you are using a download manager (IDM for example), just copy the download link (shown at the status bar of the browser when hovering on the link) and use it with your download manager.

    Anyways, thanks for the tip Rajan.

  2. Does not work man;
    it’s 30 minutes I’m deleting cookies and History fully in IE and trying…
    just refreshing
    F**K mediafire#

  3. i was just having the same problem and i wasted like an hour searshing for Solution and it was so simple i just copyed the link from firefox to IE and it worked for me so i think it was a Cookies problem like you said

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