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RemoteDroid is an Android application that lets you use your touchscreen phone as a wireless keyboard or mouse and control your Desktop/Laptop via your Wi-Fi connection using android device. Unlike other applications that connect over Bluetooth, the RemoteDroid uses Wi-Fi and also increases the range of use. You can use the applications easy interface that has a touchpad and two mouse buttons with a keyboard and control your desktop and carry out simple tasks like closing tabs, windows, writing notes and basically anything that might require a mouse and keyboard. Although you can’t use the keyboard shortcut features on the touchscreen, if your phone has a hardware QWERTY keyboard you can also use shortcut keys.


To use Remote Droid application you will need to have Java SE Runtime Environment 1.5 or above installed on either your Windows, Mac or Linux based PC. Then you’ll need to download the RemoteDroid App from the Android Market to your device and establish a wireless connection between your computer and phone via Wi-Fi. Once everything is installed, you’ll need to run the Desktop applicationand enter the IP address onto the RemoteDroid App on your phone. That’s all!! You’re ready to use your phone as a wireless mouse and keyboard. Watch the App in action below.

Download the RemoteDroid Desktop Server Program here and open it with Java SE Runtime.

You can download the RemoteDroid App from the Android Web Market over here or directly via your phone’s Market App. There is also a pro version which will cost you $1.99 and in the pro version you don’t have to type in your IP address, it will automatically connect using your Wi-Fi.

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