Reliance Mobile TV for 3G Users

Reliance has just launched free mobile TV for its 3G subscribers. With this amazing offer Reliance 3G mobile users will be able to avail a large number of channels for free. This service will give a super shock to all online TV providers such as Mundu TV as it is offering some 20 free channels with paid monthly subscription.

Reliance provides a mobile application to run TV with which users can watch more than 100 TV channels for free. Moreover 3G users can also demand movies to watch on mobile.

Reliance Mobile TV

How to apply for Free Mobile TV with Reliance 3G

If you are using Reliance 3G then you have to simply send a free SMS. We want to tell you that currently there is no subscription charge and no data charge using this service and you can enjoy it for free till its promotional period i.e it is fully free till 31st January 2011.

Type <MTV> and send it to <55447> to request free reliance mobile TV application download

what will be the charges after free period?

  • News Channels: 15 Channels,Daily pack Rs.25,Weekly 75,Monthly Rs 150
  • Kids Channels: 15 Channels,Daily pack Rs.25,Weekly 75,Monthly Rs 150
  • Fun Channels: 15 Channels,Daily pack Rs.25,Weekly 75,Monthly Rs 150
  • Devotional Channels: 5 Channels,Only Monthly Rs 150
  • Mega Channels:75 Channels,Daily pack Rs.50,Weekly 100,Monthly Rs 250
  • Single Channel: 1 Channels,Daily pack Rs.10,Weekly 35,Monthly Rs 75


2 thoughts on “Reliance Mobile TV for 3G Users”

  1. Another great way to access web, live tv as well as your own recorded programs is by using the SlingLink adapter from DISH Network. This way, you don’t have to subscribe to an additional TV service through the phone company, and still have access to the thousands of programs etc. already available through Dish Network. As an employee and satisfied customer, dish offers an amazing setup of varied functionality through the web, tv, dvr and phone all in one!!!

  2. Like the service. Unlike in 2G play seamlessless. Data usage is bundled with the subscription charges which is a good model. I think in general all streaming services should be offered on this model to increase consumption. Per MB, per KB simply confuses the customer.

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