Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone with UndeleteSMS

People search for software to recover deleted information all the time. Be it on computers or mobile phones, but we do delete files unintentionally and then regret about it. Hence, there are softwares that can recover deleted information to some extent, it all depends on various things. The Message feature on an iPhone has no deleted messages folder, but certain phones do. If you’ve deleted a message on your iPhone and want to recover it, then you can try UndeleteSMS, which happens to be a new tweak in Cydia.

UndeleteSMS is a paid Cydia app that can recover deleted messages from your iOS device’s Spotlight or SMS database. Though, there is no guarantee that this will work as it relies on crumbs to collect lost data. It’s fairly simple to use as well. You just launch the application and hit the Okay button. Once it collects whatever data it can gain it’s sight on, it’ll output the same in a text form. You can then copy and paste it into your notepad or better send an e-mail to you if the recovered data is very important.

I must however say that you may not want to install this on your device, not that it won’t work, but because it’ll cost you $6.99 to buy. Too much don’t you think? I believe it’s much better to be careful before deleted messages that you don’t want to delete. If you’re really careless, then it may be right to get this app right away. Recovering messages also depends on how quick you respond to “No, I deleted an important message” and then fire up this app. Because once the data is overwritten in Spotlight and other SMS databases, then there’s no point in using this app. Check out the video after the break if you believe you should get this;

What do you think? Are you willing to spend $6.99 for this app? Do you usually keep deleting your important messages? Really?