Recognize Fonts on Web Pages with Fount

Many times we come across fonts on different websites which we don’t know about but do want to use them on our site or design. To help you recognize fonts used on different web pages, we came across a useful online utility, Fount.


Fount is an excellent online tool which helps users recognize fonts used on different websites. Normally, you may find different software for your operating system which can help you recognize fonts, but these days, many people prefer to use online tools rather than installing third party applications on their computers.

Using the service is really easy and straight forward. All you have to do is drag Fount bookmarklet in your browser, go to any web page and click on the Fount bookmarklet. After that, click on the text anywhere on the web page and it will display which font is used along with the font size and weight as show in the screenshot below. After identifying, if you want to disable Fount, click on the bookmarklet again and it will disable Fount.


Fount is a user friendly tool which comes in form of a bookmarklet and is compatible with all the browsers. The best thing about Fount is that you don’t have to install any software or go through long registration forms to use the service.

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