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Hello folks, I am going to share a  Google chrome extension which might help you in remembering some pages you want to read. You might think that there is the bookmarks section for that but some people just don’t want to flood their bookmark section(like me). For a blogger and a reader like me, this extension is a must. Read Later Fast is a Google Chrome extension is a simple bookmarking tool that saves important web pages and allows you to read them later. Whenever I have a lot of blogs open to read, I just save the less-important ones for later and read the important ones. That’s easy as you just have to press the right-click and click on “Read Later”.

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Let me give you a simple tutorial on how to use the Read Later extension.

Read Later Fast

1. Install the extension from here.
2. Open the page you want to save to read later.
3. Press the right-click and click on “Read Later”.

That’s it. You can find the saved pages after clicking “Read Later Fast” in the “New Tab”.

You can read your saved page two forms –> Original and Text View. A very useful extension don’t you think? Chrome browser can just about do anything, from playing Angry Birds on the browser to becoming the idea behind Chrome OS. There are plenty of Chrome extensions available for bookmarking and for tasks like this. Read Later Fast is probably the simplest of them that doesn’t require you to go through all the setup procedures and settings. Just install it and you’re ready to Read important pages later when you have time.

What other extensions do you use for saving pages to read later? Give us your thoughts about Read Later Fast in the comments.

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