QWERTY Keyboard Case for iPhone from Boxwave

Here’s a new QWERTY Keyboard Case for the iPhone, just strap it on and there you go, well not exactly. You get a fully functional full QWERTY keyboard that connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth and charges itself using a USB cable.

The additional keyboard is by a company called Boxwave and they’ve named this wonderful attachment as the Keyboard Buddy Case, which acts as a slide-out keyboard and also as a protection case for the iPhone.

Once the Keyboard Buddy is attached to the iPhone, it doubles the size and thus adds a few more ounces to the weight too. Not too bulky though, unlike other iPhone keyboard cases out there this is quite slimmer and on a full charge lasts upto 45 days. This would be very helpful for people who want to get an iPhone but aren’t comfortable with the on-screen QWERTY.

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The Keyboard Buddy Case is available at for a totally worth price of $ 69.95 including free shipping within the U.S, ships worldwide too.

Do you think this is a worthy piece of Hardware?

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