QVIVO: An Impressive Tool for Accessing Your Media Library Anywhere

Normally we have loads of multimedia contents lying on our PCs that include photos, music, movies, TV shows and podcast. Owing to this large collection of contents, we face problems in accessing and organizing our entire multimedia collection in an effective manner. Softwares like iTunes and Real Player although provide good set of controls for managing multimedia contents but if you are looking for a software that can make your multimedia contents extremely accessible to any of your device then QVIVO is the tool that you should resort to because this software has a lot to offer.

QVIVO Features

QVIVO Social Media Center

So what is QVIVO? It is basically an application that works simply to streamline your entire media collection so that it can be easily accessible from any of your portable device. The application is designed to act as a hub for your entire TV, movies, photos and music collection. Moreover it also organizes your entire multimedia collection into libraries and it plays various kinds of formats and file types, plus the application also has a slight social touch to it in the form of Facebook sharing.

QVIVO automatically builds up your library with features like trailers, cover arts, actors and any other information tagged with the files on your computer. Moreover, it plays all the files for you regardless of their resolution or format.

Using its social networking features, you can post reviews, your ratings and photo albums to Facebook. QVIVO also features a live messaging service for Facebook which means that using this software you can chat with your friends while seeing your favorite show as well.

Coolest feature of QVIVO is that this utility works almost everywhere without a glitch, apps for iPad, Android and TVs are also in the pipeline.

QVIVO Download and Sign-up

Sign Up to Access the QVIVO

In order to start downloading and using QVIVO, you first have to sign-up on their official webpage filling in some particulars including username, password and email address. After this you will be prompted to link your Facebook page with QVIVO but if you don’t want to do that then you can skip this step. Continuing on with the process will show you download links for Windows XP/Vista/7.

Right now QVIVO is available in beta version but the developers will be releasing iPad, iPhone and Android apps very soon.