QuickShift For Google Chrome Makes Browsing Easier & Faster

Most of us love Google Chrome mainly because of its speed and its simple interface, I personally love the way the tabs and extensions are organized on Chrome. We have been reviewing numerous useful apps and extensions for Google Chrome in the past and keeping the momentum today I will be reviewing a very useful extension that will further enhance the browsing experience on Chrome.

QuickShift for Chrome



Apart from other numerous accessibility options, you will find scores of keyboard shortcuts in Chrome browser that will help you perform basic tasks like closing and opening tabs and accessing stuff like history, options or download page. But there is a shortcoming for these keyboard shortcuts, they are only limited to the screen that you are working on. Means you can’t employ these shortcuts to other opened Chrome windows.

So this is where QuickShift addon comes in, it is basically an extension for Google Chrome that further enhances the keyboard-based navigation capability of the browser. With this extension you can do stuff like move tabs across different windows, merge tabs from multiple windows into a single one or even move an active tab from one location to another by just punching-in the shortcut.

How to Customize Shortcuts on QuickShift?



So to customize or view the shortcuts you need to head over directly to the option’s menu of Quickshift and edit the options as per your desire. Shortcuts that you don’t want can be deactivated, just uncheck the box adjacent to it. Here are some of the useful shortcuts that this extension offers:

  • To move a current tab to a new Window: Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow Key
  • Merge all the tabs in a single window : Ctrl+Alt+M
  • Move Tab to a next Window : Ctrl+A

These shortcuts are not fixed, you can edit them too. Just click on a shortcut and check the box adjacent to it and enter the shortcut of your choice. You can install QuickShift for Google Chrome from the extension page of Google for free.