QuickGoogle: Google Search Made Faster [Cydia]

There are some applications out there that you have to have on your iPhone in case you’re a person who loves Google. Even if you’re not, you’ll probably require the expertise of Google search when you’re in a tough situation. Imagine being able to do that by just giving your iPhone a shake, searching Google in an instant. QuickGoogle for iOS devices is one such app that can open a Google Search box at any instant, in any app by using any of the given activators.

QuickGoogle-Cydia<Image Credit>

Since, QuickGoogle is an Activator function, it doesn’t really have any icon as such and pops up whenever you want it to. For example, you’re playing some game and you’re friend suddenly wants to know the capitol of some strange state. Using QuickGoogle you can assign any gesture such as the shaking of your iOS device, pressing the Home button 4 times or something else, which in turn will bring the Google Search box right over the game. When you input your search terms and hit enter, it’ll open up Safari and get your right over to the capitol name.

Day saved, you’re still the genius, and all this while playing Angry Birds. Watch the demonstration video after the break:

At the moment, the developer has decided to keep it real simple and hasn’t added any fancy image search or other search options. I really find this very useful, because sometimes it’s better you know a shortcut. A simple tweak and a free one too, QuickGoogle is currently available in the Cydia Store under the BigBoss Repo. You could also do a Cydia-wide search to find and install this.Do install this and let us of how much help has this been to you.

Do you know of any other such simple Cydia applications that actually help a lot?