img HD: First Real-time Messaging App for iPad Users

Developed by Treebune s.r.l HD is an amazing and first ever messaging service for Apple’s iPad. Like its predecessor HD for iPhone, this particular new version allows pictures and text messages to be sent between two browser windows or iDevices(iPad in this case). All users need is an account (if using this app on an iDevice) and an internet connection. HD Features

Once you start the application, the app automatically prompts you to sign-in for a new account. The registration process is quite easy and quick because all you need is an email ID. Every created account has a webpage using which non-iDevice users can chat like This particular webpage allow users to communicate with anyone in the world.

When you first open the application on your iPad, it will ask you that whether you want to enable push notifications or not, it’s better that you enable it because if you choose not to then all the new messages will not be updated real-time. The push notifications will update the messages in the same manner as if SMS are being received.

Unlike the previous version, this latest iPad version has one main page that makes it very user-friendly. The interface is free of clutter and viewing conversations threads, composing and creating new conversations is pretty easy. Users can also add their friends to the contact list from the app.

Well I think HD is indeed a revolutionary messaging system and its browser-iDevice integration is pretty amazing because it provides loophole for iPad users to get rid of expensive messaging plans. The best thing that I liked about this app is that users do not have to open it like other IM services to view messages. The app can be downloaded from Apple App store for $2.99.


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