Precorder: An Amazing HD Video recording App for iPhone and iPod Touch

One of the most amazing features of latest iPhone 4 and iPod Touch is the ability to record HD videos. But one of the downside of this HD video capturing thing is that it takes almost 80-90 MBs of space for every minute of video you make, so it won’t be long before your device memory will get racked up with these videos.

Normally in the video capturing scene, it is very difficult to capture what you want because you are always hoping to press the record button at the exact moment when something amazing is happening but by the time you hit the record button that particular moment is lost.

Precorder iPhone App and How does it works?

Precorder App user interface

But now iOS developers have release an app that will very much solve this delaying issue, the app is called as Precorder. This app is not only an innovative thing rather it is a genius idea. This app quietly records whatever is in the per-view of the camera but amazingly it doesn’t save what its recording until you press the Record button.

The recording starts off 10 seconds prior to the time you press the record button so this means that you will not miss any precious moment that you wanted to capture from your iPhone or iPod Touch. In simple terms, Precorder works just like a DVR for life.

Default settings are set to save almost previous 5 seconds before Record button is pressed, but there is built-in dial available as well using which you can customize the number of seconds you want to save in your recordings.

Pre Recorder iPhone App

All of the captured videos are by default saved directly to iPhone or iPod Camera Roll meaning that you can now use iMovie or anyother movie editor easily by just linking the captured video files from Camera Roll.

The app is very easy to use but recording quality is a bit low and aspect ratio is also a bit off the gird. You can cater for the quality thing by heading over to the settings Tab and selecting highest quality recording. You can download this app from Apple App store for $2.99 or by visiting their website.

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  1. Hm..I’d normally just press record and wait for that perfect moments. Afterwards, I use my movie editor on the PC to trim the unwanted parts 🙂 But I guess not many want to transfer to their PCs or even jump into video editing

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