Plug In Launcher: Quick Launch Programs On Android Device

Plug In Launcher is a very handy app for your Android Device, for times when you need to run your Music player directly after you connect the headsets or other applications when you connect the USB cable. It doesn’t have many options, but does the job of what it is very well. The app is new in the market and was only released a few days ago, I tried it and it works like a charm.

It’s very simple to use too, as the only two launch options available are when you connect your headsets and USB/Power cables. When you connect your headset you can set your music player to launch and just start listening to music, it’s that simple. The app runs in the background and doesn’t take in much memory or space, you can also make it run at startup. You can configure it to launch any app when you connect your charger or USB cable too, like when you connect your charger you can make it launch some games or the Market app.

The Plug In Launcher App is a free download and weighs only 115KB and requires Android 2.1 and above. So don’t think twice to install this on your Android device. It’ll really come-in handy!!

Download it from the Android Market on your phone or on the Web Market.