Playing High Detail PC Games Without a Graphics Card

It sounds bit odd but really a software  exists which works like a real graphics card and can emulate video memory to play high detail pc games. While surfing cyber world I found a wonderful tool which works as a virtual graphics card but I did not believe on the story and decided it to test on my PC. I  unplugged my real graphics card in my Pc which was already installed and install this virtual graphics card and I find it really working. However it does not support all games but I have tested it on Alarm for Cobra Nitro.

How it Works

3D Analyze a utility which is capable in producing video memory and it uses your PC RAM for it. Suppose you have physical memory of 1GB then it converts a part of it to video memory. Currently it can emulate Nvidia TI 4600 and NVIDIA FX 5900 ,Ati Radeon 8500 and Ati Radeon 9800 Pro .

  • After opening the program you will see many options. First you have to select the exe file of that game you want to run.
  • Then see the option vendor ID and device ID
  • Here enter the vendor ID and device ID of any of the given graphic cards i.e. if you want to emulate the Ti 4600 then enter its ID.
  • Below is the configuration of 3D Analyze virtual Graphics Card

virtual-graphics-cardDownload link

3D Analyze may be a good alternative of real graphics card for gamers it is free so why not you try this before buying an expensive graphics card.

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