PhySwitch: Switch Apps With Your iPhone Volume Keys

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just switch between running programs on your iOS device using the volume key? As they say in the Apple world, ‘There is an App for that!’ PhySwitch is an app available in the Cydia App Store that will let you switch between apps using the volume keys.

Apple should’ve introduced multi-tasking way earlier than they did as lot of multi-task based apps were already available on Cydia. Despite that, everyone liked Apple’s multi-tasking bar that allowed one to switch between applications easily. Now PhySwitch is something similar, but does the switching with the help of the volume keys.

PhySwitch is just a very simple app, as it doesn’t have it’s own icon on the homescreen and neither a separate option in Settings. All you’ll have to do is open Activator under Settings and select Anywhere. Once that is done, you’re good to go. You can then select how you want to use those Volume buttons, for example use both the buttons to start the multitasking option or use the up button to go next and so on.

It will take a while to figure the best settings for you, but remember you can only do that using Activator. Once you’ve figured out what is the best way for you to move around, start using the Volume keys to see if it’s better than the Multi-task bar of the iOS. Check out the video after the break.


Cydia Apps like this don’t really last long, personally I prefer the normal way of going around, using the Multi-task bar, but if you like physical buttons then give PhySwitch a try. This app will cost you $1.99, I can’t comment on it’s worthiness as it depends on person to person, but I can say this is a good way to multi-task with the help of physical buttons.

You can purchase this app from the BigBoss Repo.

Do you use any other such apps as an iOS multi-tasking alternative? Will you be downloading PhySwitch? Do let us know.