PhotoFunia: Add Effects and Enhance Your Images

If you love to have fun with pictures or want to go crazy with your images then PhotoFunia is best tool for you. PhotoFunia is an awesome way to edit your images in such a way that it seem to be an original image.

After using PhotoFunia you get a good quality picture which you can share on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc, make it your gravatar or save it. You can use lots of different styles according to your wish and your mood.

Few of the effects which PhotoFunia provide are:

  • Burning:


  • Lady with Fan:


  • The eye:


  • Perfume shop:

Perfume shop

  • Madonna:


These are just few effects there are lots more which you can easily search on PhotoFunia. You just need to upload your pictures and all other work would be easily done by PhotoFunia. Even if you select moving image then it will use face detection technology which will create your picture with good blending.


Just remember that you can only go ahead with JPEG, GIF and PNG format and the size of file should not be more than 10 MB.

Link to PhotoFunia

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So, if you are creative and want to show off then select your snap, try new things with it and share with friends. Don’t forget to share your views about PhotoFunia.

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