OSX Lion Ultimatum Transforms your iPhone to a Mac PC

I have never come across a theme like this one and I could bet you haven’t either. There are many themes available for the iPhone, but the best always seem to come from Dreamboard. Most of them aren’t free, but damn they’re amazing. Here’s a newly released Dreamboard theme for iOS devices, called OSX Lion Ultimatum, that will blow your mind and make you feel like you’re using your Mac PC or Macbook. The whole interface is exactly similar to that of Mac OSX Lion and is pretty smooth too.

I’ve used Dreamboard themes before, but I’ve never seen anything as awesome as this. Unfortunately, I did not get to use this as it’s still in developer phase. However, you can get the beta version if you’re dying to try by paying/donating $1 for the development. Okay, so what’s so special about this theme for the iPhone. Well, first of all it transforms you’re iOS device in to a device that runs Mac OS X Lion, it actually doesn’t, but it looks strikingly similar and works exactly like a Mac. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, you can check out some screenshots after the break.

As you can see in the above picture!! Absolutely amazing. The best part about the theme is that everything works just like on Mac, the Finder, Menus, Windows, Launchpad, the Dock, Status Bar, Mission Control, Dashboard and even the Lockscreen. It’s all been done so beautifully and with perfection. Although there are certain bugs, it’s still and amazing job. The whole thing was designed with¬†Photoshop, each image used in the theme and included many other Cydia themes and tweaks too.

This is not Mac OSX Lion running on an iPhone, but it’s the closest. The whole thing is a them and OSX Lion Ultimatum can be downloaded(beta) by donating $4.50 that also includes future updates and the final version. To get hold of this theme and try it out on your iOS device, head over to the ModMyi Forums and read. Also check out this video preview of the theme:

What do you think of this theme?