Open Blocked/Country Specific Websites in Firefox with Blue Box

While visiting websites, one often comes across such websites which are restricted access to certain countries. For example, popular video sharing service Vimeo is not available for web surfers in Pakistan. One way to get around this access problem is, well, to change countries. However, this solution can more than often prove to be costly and time consuming. The other way around this, which is far more easier, is to change your surfing location virtually. This is possible by using web proxies which link the user to a server present in a foreign country which routes and links all their internet traffic.


Luckily, Firefox’s huge add-on library has some great tools of accomplishing this task. Blue Box Proxy is a Firefox extension which allows users to access blocked websites in their area by temporarily having their internet traffic routed via proxy servers on foreign locations.

Once the Firefox add-on for Blue Box Proxy is installed, a context menu is added to Firefox’s right-click functions which enables the user to select “Open with Blue Box”. This will open a new tab in Firefox which will then link the website to the user’s browser via an external proxy server in a country where the desired website isn’t blocked.


Upon testing, we found that Blue Box Proxy works fine for almost all major websites which are blocked for certain countries. For instance, we were able to open Vimeo using Blue Box Proxy.

Blue Box Proxy is available as a free add-on to Firefox and is compatible with almost all Firefox versions up to Firefox 4.0. It can be downloaded and installed via this link.