Official Apple iPad Prices, India

We recently told you that Apple will be officially launching the much eagerly awaited iPad Tablet today, January 28. They’ve kept to their word and also have updated their Apple India website with the latest and official Apple iPad prices for both the Wi-Fi and 3G models. There wasn’t any much drama, just a message saying that they’re updating their product catalog and that is it. No word on the pricing of the iPhone 4 or launch date in India.

The Apple iPad, although available in India via other means or through Ebay or other online sources, wasn’t much advertised in India. The iPad was actually launched last year, but unfortunately Apple did not launch it in India at the same time and now it’s almost about a year after that it’s being launched in India. Not really a good idea for marketing as it has been much speculated that the iPad 2 will start production next month. Anyways, below is the official prices of both the Wi-Fi and 3G models of the iPad;

Now the question is, would you rather wait for the iPad 2 or rush to an Apple Store nearby to buy the iPad? For more information on the iPad and how to order your iPad please visit the Apple India Online Store.