Nokia E6 and X7 First Hands-On Videos

A while ago we told you about two new mobile phones from Nokia, the E6 and the X7. I’m sure you would be waiting for a proper hands-on video by someone who speaks fluent and good English, some one like the staff of Engadget. Both of these phones are first of their kind, the X7 is the first Nokia phone to be launched with a 4-inch display and both of them also sport the new and improved Symbian Anna OS.

So here you go, below are the first hands-on videos for both of these devices by Engadget. Watch them to see what’s new with Symbian Anna and how both of these devices will survive in the already filled market of smartphones.

Nokia E6 Hands-On:

Carries similar design to all the usual E-series phones that Nokia has produces, and implements an easy-to-use QWERTY keyboard on a candy-bar form factor. It’s quite good to look at and even though the display is small(2.46 inches), it looks brilliant because of the 640 x 480 resolution. Watch the complete hands on after the break;

Nokia X7 Hands-On:

The owners of x6 phones, do not blame yourself for not waiting long enough! It’s not your fault that you don’t have a better phone than what you currently own, it’s only.. oh wait!! It is your fault. But, it’s not all good with the X7 too, as it lacks the internal storage capacity of the Nokia X6. This also happens to be Nokia’s first 4-inch display clad phone with a rather pointy design, which actually looks like a piece of future hardware. Watch the hands-on for Nokia X7 after the break;

Hope you enjoyed watching both the videos, huge thanks to Engadget for the simple, quick and informative hands-on.

Tell us which of these two would you like to own? And what is your opinion about these new phones?

[ Source: Engadget ]

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