Nokia Declares Symbian OS Will be Killed, Replaced by Windows Phone 7

Nokia’s Symbian OS has been around from a long time and it’s been one of the most popular and highly used operating system that Nokia has always endorsed on almost all of it’s products until recently. Symbian OS evolved quite a lot, but it’s interface has been all same since the beginning, even the new Symbian ^3 OS doesn’t really change anything. And with the evolution of Android OS and dominance of Apple’s iOS, Nokia’s Symbian just wasn’t good enough for smartphones, very easy to use, but not built with power and performance in mind.

Nokia thus declared, at it’s Capital Markets Day, that they’ll be killing the Symbian OS altogether and will shift their focus to Microsoft’s Windows Phone products. They haven’t given out any official date yet, but it would mostly be over in the year 2012. The death of one of the most used operating systems for mobile phones, the Symbian OS. Nokia will thus be switching over to Windows Phone 7 for their future mobile phones, and there has already been an official announcement about the partnership of Nokia and Microsoft.

Nokia and Microsoft together will be something good that might happen to Nokia after all, but we can’t be really sure. Nokia will transform it’s Meego platform to an ‘experimental project’ and Windows Phone 7 will becomes it’s official OS merchandise.

Nokia plans to form a strategic partnership with Microsoft to build a global mobile ecosystem based on highly complementary assets. The Nokia-Microsoft ecosystem targets to deliver differentiated and innovative products and have unrivalled scale, product breadth, geographical reach, and brand identity. With Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform, Nokia would help drive the future of the platform by leveraging its expertise on hardware optimization, software customization, language support and scale. Nokia and Microsoft would also combine services assets to drive innovation. Nokia Maps, for example, would be at the heart of key Microsoft assets like Bing and AdCenter, and Nokia’s application and content store would be integrated into Microsoft Marketplace. Under the proposed partnership, Microsoft would provide developer tools, making it easier for application developers to leverage Nokia’s global scale.

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What do you think about this move by Nokia? Do you think partnership with Microsoft will be fruitful?

6 thoughts on “Nokia Declares Symbian OS Will be Killed, Replaced by Windows Phone 7”

  1. Sorry to be a buzz kill, but as far as I know Nokia are not ditching the Symbian platform. They’re merely downgrading it to mid-ranged phones by giving top priority to the WP7 platform. I don’t know where you got these facts from, cause the last time I checked, Nokia plan on working on 3 platforms simultaneously, Symbian, MeeGo and WP7. Sorry but i’m not convinced with the article.

  2. Nokia will be stopping development of the Symbian OS and what’s left of Symbian will be used for another 15 million phones and then that’s the end of the road for Symbian!!
    Yes, they’re downgrading it to mid-range phone but that’s until they reach their goal of selling another 150 million nokia devices. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. So that doesn’t literally mean its the end of the road for Symbian, does it ? 150 million phones is a lot. It would take another year or even more to achieve that goal. So Symbian is not officially dead yet. They might even collaborate the two platforms and make a completely new OS out of it. You never know.

  4. I have clearly mentioned in the article “They havenโ€™t given out any official date yet, but it would mostly be over in the year 2012.” ๐Ÿ™‚
    You’re right, it would take another year or maybe more!!

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    explained by nokia ceo and microsfot ceo it a good thing to have it if u people can release it by next year it will bee were good …… thank u


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