New MacBook Pros Freeze under Heavy-Load, Fix Found with New Patch

We have found evidence in the Apple forums that indicate several MacBook Pro users are facing a very frustrating problem with their MacBook Pros freezing up under heavy-load. We have discovered while reading through the 50 page and increasing discussion over at the Apple Forum that the MacBook Pros are freezing while rendering a movie in a video editing program, playing games, running applications which require heavy processing from GPU or while simply using their MacBook Pros. The consensus is that the problem does not occur every time but only happens when the CPU/GPU is under heavy loads.

Apple MacBook Pro 2011

Apple known for its high quality products has already seen the ‘freeze’ happen with the 2010 MacBook Pro. We would like to think that by now Apple would have learnt from the shortcomings from a previous product and rule out any issues before launching a new one. But unfortunately the problem persists and Apple hasn’t done anything conclusive about it so far, to fix this issue.

The screen freezes while using applications which put a lot of load on the processor. It is happening with both 15” and 17” versions of the MacBook Pro. It’s disheartening to know that a manufacturer such as Apple faces such issues repeatedly and does little to sort it out for its invaluable costumers. Many users are disappointed that their $2K+ MacBook Pro is unusable there are a handful of users who haven’t faced any issues so far.

A user said:

This has been a very disappointing purchase for me. I was very excited to get back on the Mac bandwagon and treat myself to a nice new 15″ 2.2 MBP. I immediately noticed the problems with home sharing. That bummed me out a lot because I use home sharing every day between my phone, PCs, and Apple TV. I was kind of on the fence about what to do about it since I really liked the machine. Then I read about the freezing issues this morning. I felt agitated all day at work just thinking about it. I came home on my lunch break, fired up Photo Booth, ran yes > /dev/null & 8 times in terminal, and waited. The fans started roaring like a jet engine and the laptop started getting really hot on my lap.

Then it froze.

A user reportedly contacted Apple and they seemed to suggest that the issue is not hardware-based but it’s a firmware/driver-related problem. Apple is aware of this issue and has released a new update to their OS X. This update seems to work for many and was effective in resolving the ‘freeze’ issue.

Learn how to fix this Issue

Apple OS latest release 10.6.7 seems to fix the graphics bug for many. Try this patch as it’s highly anticipated to fix the issue.

Download Standalone Updater:


As always remember to back up your system before applying this update. Ensure you have address any current issues with your system and you have full, restorable backup of your system.

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