Neat Bookmarks: Launch Bookmarks From Address Bar in Google Chrome

Bookmarklets are small snippets of code which when executed perform a certain task in the web browser. Everyday browsing gets very easy when bookmarklets are used.

In order to increase the productivity provided from the bookmarklets, a Google Chrome extension which goes by the name of Neat Bookmarks is available. This plugin enables launching Google Chrome bookmarks straight from the address bar.

Upon installing Neat Bookmarks, a small icon is added right next to the seetings icon in Chrome. This icon can be clicked to bring up the pop-up menu where one can type the name of the bookmark to launch and the bookmark would be open. This works essentially the same for bookmarklets as well since bookmarklets are also stored in Chrome like normal bookmarks.


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Neat Bookmarks also provides an alternate easy way to open bookmarks straight from the address bar. All you have to do is type * in the address bar and then click tab and enter the name of the bookmark or bookmarklet.


Neat Bookmarks is one of the easiest to use and useful plugins which lets users easily manage and access their favorite bookmarks. The download link for Neat Bookmarks is available on Official Website.