NASA iPad App: A Graphically Rich Space Exploration Source

With the inclusion of modern technology in our daily lives, exploring the cosmos has become a pretty easy thing. If you happen to own a smartphone or a tablet device then with the help of some real cool applications, you can explore the space frontiers right from your couch.

So NASA, a premier space exploration agency has recently released an app for iPad that provides mission information, videos and other online NASA sources.

NASA iPad App features

NASA has previously launched an iPhone app that has been a hit and a favorite amongst lot of users. But thanks to the bigger screen size of iPad, the NASA app has now got even more feature-rich and powerful.

NASA iPad APP main page

When you launch the app for the first time, you will get an instant notification that there are links to Flash videos and features that are present on the standard webpage. Simply stating that some of NASA’s iPad app contents are not viewable within the app interface. You will see the entire solar system on apps main startup screen, tapping anyone of them will direct you to a more detailed explanation of them. Apart from solar system details about asteroids, meteors, comets are also available.

NASA iPad Buttons

If you happen to be interested in International Space Station, you can simply tab on the Globe icon visible on top of apps main interface. The app will start detecting your location automatically and then will give you corresponding timings for the ISS sightings.

NASA ISS sightings

Next up is the “NASA Center” location icon where you can see a map showing the location of their centers. Just after “NASA Center” icon is the “Shuttle and Rocket Launch Schedule”. This option give users an insight that when will the missions take place. You can also find stuff like images and videos for international space station and outer space imagery.

I think if you own an iPad and is always inquisitive about the space technology then you should definitely buy NASA iPad app. Apart from providing loads of information the app is a great source of educational entertainment as well.

You can download NASA app for iPad from Apple App store.