Name Tunes Service From Tata Docomo Launched in India

After a lot of 3G surprises and offers from TATA Docomo, now TATA Docomo is back with their new Value Added Service (VAS) which will offer TATA Docomo subscribers to greet their caller with his/her name or personalized message.

Tata Docomo
Tata Docomo

TATA Docomo has partnered with mCarbon, which is a leader in Telecom Application Provider in VAS Domain. With the combination of two different and innovative domains a new VAS is introduced which is known as “Name Tunes”.

Words from TATA Docomo

Name Tunes is in line with our way of doing things “Refreshingly Different”,  that adds an element of fun and newness to the already existing set of VAS offerings. Greeting a caller with his or her name while the phone rings, will make the call and the conversation even more pleasant and special. This would be a refreshing change for subscribers not wanting to set songs as call me tunes & will cater to a new untapped market of personalized call me tunes.

What is Name Tunes?

Name Tunes is Value Added Service which allows subscribers to record their own personalized message or Greet Callers Name to set as a caller tone instead of Tring-Tring or Old Trend Music Caller Tone.

How to Activate Name Tunes Service?

You can enjoy this amazing service in a very simple and quick way. What you have to do is to :

  • SMS your “First Name” and send it to 52100(Toll Free) for Example: my name is Rajan, so type “Rajan” (Without Quotes) and send it to 52100.
  • Charges for this service
    • Subscription Changes: Rs. 30/- Per Month
    • Name Tune Charge: Rs. 15/- Per 90 Days

So are you going to give a try to Name Tunes Service? Do share your experience with us.