+Music: Search & Stream Music Directly in Facebook or Chrome Browser

You will find loads of music streaming services that will let you upload or share music tracks in either video or audio on Facebook, but you might not have heard about any services or web apps that let you search or stream music directly from within the Facebook’s interface.

What is +Music?


It is basically a Google Chrome extension that ultimately allows users to search music videos that are there on YouTube or Rdio alongwith MP3s from various online sources. You can also play or search music directly in a pop-up that appears in your browser. +Music extension automatically adds a miniature media player just besides the search bar in Facebook and using it you can control the songs that are being played in your browser.

+Music for Google Chrome Features

+music screenshot

After installing the extension you will see a Music button besides your address bar. Clicking the icon will let you search music by song, artist or album, these search items can also be shared on your Facebook wall with a single click. By default +Music extension uses YouTube as its backhand search source, you can also search for MP3’s by clicking on the MP3 button. For using this extension with Facebook you have to alter some settings like disabling secure browsing.

If you are fond of keeping secure browsing ON for Facebook then you can always use this extension within your browser. Just click on the extension icon and punch in artist name and search for it. Artist’s biography or fan sites can also be opened via this extension by just clicking on the icon.

I use Google Chrome and I found +Music extension a very cool addition to my library of Google Chrome addons. Try it out and let us know in comments how you found it.