MT Gestures Lets you Easily Enable Multitouch Gestures using Cydia

Earlier we shared the manual method to enable multitouch gestures on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by modifying a few files using your computer. Thankfully, a new tweak called MT Gestures has been released on Cydia which automates this process and lets you easily toggle multitouch gestures ON and OFF through settings.

This method is much simpler as compared to the previous one, since no manual editing is required. Novice users who don’t want to use SSH or other methods to modify iPhone files, will find the MT Gestures Cydia tweak very useful.

If you haven’t seen these multi-touch gestures in action, check out the video we posted earlier.

I have tested this on iOS 4.3.1 myself and at the moment this tweak only works for iPod Touch 4G. On iPhone 4 some users have been able to get this to work but most like me only succeeded in enabling the feature to use Side Switch to Lock Rotation/Mute. In that case, use the previous longer method.

Enable mt gestures cydia iphone ipod touch 9


This tweak requires a jailbroken device with iOS 4.3. In case you haven’t jailbroken your iOS device yet you can update it to iOS 4.3.1 and jailbreak using the following guides for both Mac and Windows users:

You should backup your device in iTunes before proceeding.

How to Download & Install MT Gestures in Cydia:

The tweak for Multitouch Gestures in Cydia is called MT Gestures and is hosted in the ModMyI repo which is a default Repo in Cydia. No need to add any extra repo to download MT Gestures from Cydia.

This tweak requires you to have Winterboard, which will be used to enable or disable Multitouch gestures whenever you want.

To install MT Gestures just launch Cydia and go to search tab and type MT Gestures.

Enable mt gestures cydia iphone ipod touch 2

In case you don’t find anything on searching, go to the changes tab and click on Refresh at the top. It’s possible Cydia hasn’t downloaded the latest packages from the repo.

Enable mt gestures cydia iphone ipod touch 1

Now tap on Install. If you do not have Winterboard installed already, that will be added to the download list too as you can see in the following screenshots.

Enable mt gestures cydia iphone ipod touch 4

Tap on Confirm and Cydia will download and install MT Gestures. You will need to reboot your iPhone after install. Just tap on Reboot device when installation is done in Cydia.

Enable mt gestures cydia iphone ipod touch 6

When your iPhone has rebooted, launch Winterboard and tap on Select Themes.

Enable mt gestures cydia iphone ipod touch 7

Select your device iPod or iPhone 4 from the list and then tap on Winterboard to go back. Hit Respring for the changes to take effect.

Enable mt gestures cydia iphone ipod touch 8

Let us know if this worked on your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch.