Mouse Stroke: Control Google Chrome with Mouse Gestures

If you have used Opera, one feature which you would have definitely loved would be Mouse Gestures. Using mouse gestures you can use a browser with your mouse. Just do a little action with your mouse, like holding your left mouse button and moving your mouse to make the letter ‘S’. The desired action would happen without giving you even a little pain. Isn’t that nice? Of course it is but, Google may not think alike as they haven’t included Mouse Gestures in Google Chrome. At this point, you might think, what this Google extensions for?

Mouse Stroke is a Google Chrome Extension, which enables the use of mouse gestures and let you use your favorite Opera feature in Google Chrome. You can now perform common tasks by simply moving your mouse. This extension is totally useful and easy to use. So, I can assure that you will be happy after you get this extension. Plus it auto-updates itself for the removal of bugs which is again a great feature which will avoid the inconvenience that you might get. Currently, this extension has 85,000+ users and you should join in as well. I guess I have given you enough information about this extension. Now, I will give you a small tutorial on how to use this extension.

1. Download the extensions from the link.
2. Click the wrench –> tools –> extensions.
3. Find “Mouse Stroke” and click on “Options”.
4. Now, get a little creative and think of your settings and mouse gestures.
5. Click on “Save”.

Thats it! Now you can have fun with the gestures you have just set and make the use of Google Chrome much easier and faster. It works for almost all Chrome functions. You can see the screenshot below to see the options.

This extension is useful and easy to use so I totally recommend this to you all. Try it out and you will definitely like it.


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2 thoughts on “Mouse Stroke: Control Google Chrome with Mouse Gestures”

  1. I didnt install this chrome but in the screenshot I found the shortcut for opening the link in a new background tab. That was cool.

    Did some search and found that I can open a new link in a background tab by clicking it with the middle button(scroll wheel)of your mouse
    by ctrl+clicking the link.

    Thanks for letting me find a great feature

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