Monitor Mac’s Stats With Free iStat Dashboard Widgets

Today, I bring you two very useful dashboard widgets from Bjango (aka iSlayer). iStat Pro and iStat Nano are two free dashboard widgets which will let you monitor your Mac’s working like CPU usage, RAM, Hard Drive space, network bandwidth usage, temperatues, uptime and much more. It’s beautifully designed and has a simple UI and animations to look behind the scenes of your Mac. Must have for every Mac user.

Not all, but some of the stats mentioned above can be seen from the Activity Monitor app on your Mac OS X. But why run an extra app when you have such beautiful and free dashboard widgets at your disposal.

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Why should you use iStat?

I don’t feel like launching Activity Monitor every time I wish to check the network speeds or RAM usage on my computer. Moreover, this is a more gorgeous representation of the otherwise boring data. Who doesn’t like a better UI.

Also, if my Mac becomes slow during operation a quick glance at iStat usually tells me what the cause is. Usually it’s either a process with high CPU usage or a very high temperature of the CPU.

Islayer bjango dashboard widgets istat nano and pro

Essentially, both iStat Pro and iStat Nano serve the same purpose of displaying your Mac’s stats. The major difference lies in the way the data is presented to you.

iStat Nano

Just like the name suggests, iStat Nano is a small widget which won’t take up much space on your Mac’s dashboard. You can hover on the widget and then select the particular stats you want to view. Moreover, you can configure each the stats to display the exact details you need like the network or disk that you want to monitor.

The following screenshot show’s the various stats that you can see and also the different skins that the widget includes.

Istat nano

iStat Pro

Like the Pro version of any software release, iStat Pro offers you more customization. You can view all the stats at once with this larger widget. The different sections can be dragged around for reordering. Once again, you have different skin colours to choose from: Nine this time as compared to seven on iStat Nano.

Istat pro

So, go grab your free copy of iStat by using the download links below. Choose the one that fits best with your existing Dashboard setup. My vote is with iStat Pro. I like viewing all the data in a single glance on my dashboard.

Download Links:

  • iStat Pro
  • iStat Nano

Don’t forget to tell us which widget finally made it to your Dashboard.