Microsoft’s Launches Montage, A Personalized Magazine-Like Web App

Microsoft Introduced Montage, which is a magazine-like web app to give you content from various real time sources like Twitter, RSS feeds, YouTube, Bing news about the topic you want.

You can enter the keyword and you will get all the information in a magazine-like format that is in a grid format. You can also select the layout which is comfortable for you and share the results with others too.


I must say that I was enjoying exploring the new Montage from Microsoft. When we enter the Keyword, we get an option to choose the layout and we can select from many available format. There is also option to edit the background, add content and more.



Once done with settings, we can save the settings and can able to tag our visual scrapbook, share it on Facebook or twitter and can also publish to a web page.

Check out the video:

If you like to check out the real time updates, then I would suggest you to check out Microsoft’s Montage and do share your views.

Via: Mashable

One thought on “Microsoft’s Launches Montage, A Personalized Magazine-Like Web App”

  1. I took a really quick look at montage and although it is a really neat tool… putting a montage together that would match your business or personal likes can be a bit challenging. I wanted to put together a social media montage due to my industry and include some of my own links. When I searched for my business name I didn’t have much luck. The search is…. let’s just say it is really really bad.

    But If you are looking for informative pages you can share with friends… this would be the tool for you. Here is a link to the Montage I put together…

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