Mobile Mouse Pro : Use iOS device as a Wireless Mouse

There are lots of applications out there that turn your iOS device into things that normal devices will find impossible to even think of, and yet another application joins the army. It’s called the Mobile Mouse Pro, is compatible with both Mac and Windows PCs and unlike other Mobile remote applications can control a lot more things than just the keyboard and mouse.

Mobile Mouse Pro

Mobile Mouse not only acts as a wireless keyboard and mouse, but also can be used as a remote to control a huge army of applications compatible with the device. Thus, it also acts as an application launcher for media apps and provides media controls too. What you get is a wireless keyboard, an accelerometer based mouse, and medial controls. Mobile Mouse is available for free, but you’ll have to shell out $1.99 for the Mobile Mouse Pro to enjoy all it’s features.

This app is also available for Android device and latest version is 2.6 at the time of writing which is compatible with iOS5.

Mobile Mouse Pro tutorial

Here is a quick video tutorial which explain shows complete features and how to use Mobile mouse pro.

Have you use any other app like mobile mouse to use your iOS device as mouse?