MetroTwit Merges MetroUI with Twitter Desktop Client

MetroUI is what make Windows Phone 7 so beautiful, and it’s also coming to the tablet optimized Windows 8. I know that most of you, at one part of time, must have used a Windows Phone 7 device and seen the MetroUI. It’s easy to use, beats the old Windows Mobile interface and is much more cooler, faster and smoother. So, why not merge it with some tweets and make Twitter more fun, specially more pretty. MetroTwit

MetroTwit is a Twitter Client for the desktop, from the likes of TweetDeck, that combines the look and functionality of MetroUI with Twitter to make things better to look at. If you’ve used TweetDeck or any such Twitter client, then this should make you feel right at home. There’s not much new about it, rather there are less features than its competition. But, MetroTwit is not here for the competition, it’s just for those users who like to have a beautiful looking desktop and desktop applications.

All a Twitter Client has to do is, let you see your tweets, send tweets, view your timeline, see other’s conversations, share images and keep in touch with strangers. MetroTwit does that and keeps it real simple. I like simple looking, clean applications that don’t boast much but do all the tasks that similar alternatives don’t. MetroTwit doesn’t eat much of your RAM either, so that heat issue is coming from somewhere else.

MetroTwit Screenshot

Once installed, it’ll ask you to sign in. You can either sign in using MetroTwit or Sign in to Twitter using your default browser and give access to MetroTwit, which according to me is much safer. It will only ask you for a verification code and you’re all set up. It also has a good notification system that can be enabled via settings and displays new tweets on any one side of your desktop as a popup. You get three columns, to which you can add more custom ones, you also get a list of the topics that are trending.

MetroTwit Notifications

In short, it does everything that a regular Twitter Client does, but with a little more style and neatness. It’s only a small download, so I believe you should download and check it out right away.

Download MetroTwit for Windows.

Do let us know if you liked this new Twitter Client and would use it as your default one, I already am!! Try it.