Max Payne 3 for iOS and Android Coming Next March

Much awaited Max Payne 3 will be heading for release in March next year as quoted by Rockstar games two days ago. But we have a good news for all you MaxPayne fans out there the title along with PC, Xbox and PS3 will also be heading to your iOS and Android devices.

Max Payne 3-Mobile

The game will be named Max Payne 3 HD and as the name suggest the game will come in HD Graphic, high resolution textures, dedicated story line and many other features that are present in big screen version. However there is no official word about this in the press conference but the sources close to Rockstar confirms these rumors. Considering the graphics demand of the games we can assume the game to run smoothly only on dual cores.

There is no word about the pricing but considering it Triple-A title and with a big budget launch we might expect the pricing little bit on the higher side. Till then you can enjoy some official shots of the game.



From the screenshots, you can’t really make out the quality of the game. We can only find that out during the game, which may not be as great as the one’s above. However, Max Payne 1 was a huge hit on the PC, so it is likely that many iOS and Android mobile users will get a copy of this.

I will certainly get a copy of this when it’s finally out for iOS and Android phones as well as PC, Xbox and PS3. Let’s wait and see how this one turns out to be.

Have you played Max Payne? Are you a fan?

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