MarkUp: Draw on Any Webpage and Share it Easily

MarkUp is a fun extension on Google Chrome which lets you annotate any page you want and share it with your friends. The tagline of this extension says – MarkUp. Share. Repeat.┬áMarkup lets you draw on any webpage with a variety of tools to express your thoughts, make a point or just simply edit. It is just a fun extension and you can get some laughs using this extension by creating funny faces, etc. on web pages. The plus points of MarkUp extension are:-

  • Draw on any webpage with Markup
  • Stay in your browser. Nothing to download
  • Get Markup by bookmarking this icon
  • Make shapes with the magic marker
  • Write with the text tool
  • Publish to share you creativeness

Using this extension you can share your feelings about a webpage and then share it with your friends. Let me tell you how you can use the extension.

1. Download the extension from here.
2. Click on the extension icon on the top right.
3. Wait for 5-10 seconds for the page to reload.
You will see a tool box.
4. Now annotate the web page using that toolbox.

You can mark shapes with the magic marker, write with the text tool and more. After you are done. Publish your work so that your friends can see your creativity as well.

Another cool thing is that you can try it on their official site without even downloading the extension. You just get the example of what you can do with this great extension. You can draw in different shapes at their site. Click here to experience the site.

According to me this extension can help you to share your ideas about any site and write about them on the site right away and then share it with your friends. All of it is so nicely done that I didn’t find even a single thing to criticize about this extension and hence wanted to share it with you. You have to try this cool extension.


So, what do you think about this extension? Would you install it? Do comment.