Manage Facebook List With CircleHack: Google+ Style

When Google+ social networking site released, the first thing which I liked is it’s too easy to create list using circles and manage it. and for obvious reasons we didn’t expect Facebook to copy this feature, though couple of Facebook engineers created a site call Circlehack which will let you easily and quickly manage Facebook list using Circles.

If you have used Google+ circle feature you will find this site exactly the same. Though for any Facebook users, this is one of the easiest way to manage Facebook list.

Here is a screenshot of CircleHack:

Seems like launch of Google+ is going to change the way we use Social networking site. As it is we are expecting Facebook to announce Facebook video chat and may be Facebook iPad application. Anyway time will tell how the clash between top two companies social networking site is going to bring revolution to social networking market.

For now, you can try CircleHack here.

If you have tried Circlehack, I would love to know your opinion about it and do you think Facebook should also integrate something like Circles to quickly manage Facebook list?

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  1. the only Feature i like in google+ ,will be now for facebook also,man i am not leaving facebook

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