Make Your Firefox Start Page Look Snappier With Eight

A week back, we told you about the all new Windows 8 interface and how awesome it is. The Windows 8 OS user interface is based upon the Metro UI from Windows Phone 7. I’m sure you guys would want to try out the neat Windows 8 skin on your desktop as well. Now you can do that just with a simple download and home page for Mozilla Firefox. A deviantart user has created a snazzy Windows 8 tile based home page for the Firefox browser called Eight, which turns your dull home page into a really good looking one with all your important webpages right on the home page.

The user has created a Windows 8 Tile UI based home page for Firefox, which looks really cool. I’m really tired of looking at the same old Google home page whenever I open Firefox. And this is not done using any extension or anything, giving you complete access to the backend files and letting you add your own tiles and favorite pages other than the default one. The DeviantArt user has made many other designs like this as well, which you can check out over here.

How to set Eight as your default Homepage and Customize it:

  • Download the complete Eight package from over here.
  • Extract the contents to a folder and then rename it as Eight.
  • Now open Mozilla Firefox and go to Options, then in Home Page point to the index.htm file that is located in the extracted folder on your hard drive.

  • That’s it, restart Firefox to view your home page, which should like the picture in the beginning.
  • To change colors, links, and tile images you’ll have to visit the extracted folder and play around with the Source.js, lib and Thumbs folders. Refer to the Sketch file in the folder to see what number and dimensions for the tiles are, as you cannot change the size of the tiles.

You now have a completely different homepage with elements that none of your friends will have ever seen anywhere else. The Firefox Home Page just stands out, with the cool Windows 8 tiles depicting all your most visited websites. There is also a modified version for Google Chrome users that you can download from here.

Tell us if you like modifying your browsers the way you want them to look. If you do try this out tell us if you liked it.

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  • Rizwan Ibrahim June 19, 2011, 6:25 pm

    its nice! 😉

    Will give it a try! 😀