MadAppLauncher: Instantly Launch Applications and Folders[Windows]

Majority of the application and file launchers available on the internet work in the same orthodox manner that is you have to open the launcher, type-in the application name and hit the Enter button to launch it. So if you are searching for a way to launch the applications in a pretty quick and effective manner then you should try MadAppLauncher. This particular utility introduces a new concept to launch file/folders and applications, moreover it completes the entire process within one or two clicks. Here is a brief review of this innovative app:

MadAppLauncher Features

Once you are over with the installation, MadAppLauncher will pop-up in the system tray of your computer. Now clicking on the icon will launch the software’s main window and you can also launch it by assigning a shortcut key combo.

MadAppLauncher main window

The first thing that you will come across on MadAppLauncher are rows of empty tabs and boxes, this renders uniqueness to this utility from the other stock file launchers. Rows of empty boxes means that instead of typing the name of the app for launching, users will just have to click on the app box and it will launch instantly keeping the interface minimum.

How Does MadAppLauncher Works?

The working of the program is pretty simple, you just need to put in some apps in the empty boxes and then have to press a keyboard key assigned to that box to open the app. For example, you place iTunes in a box tagged as D, now you can open the app instantly by just pressing ‘D’ button on your keyboard. In total there are 300 boxes meaning that you can populate MadAppLauncher with 300 apps divided in different tabs.

MadAppLauncher main window

How to Populate MadAppLauncher with Apps?

Now next step is that you have to populate the empty boxes, you can simply Drag & Drop the any item from your Windows explorer. Moreover, you can also add items by right clicking on any box and click on ‘Edit’ option.

MadApplauncher App addition

A window will pop-up, you have to add the Target by clicking on the Browse button. Just select the file/folder or application and all the other field will be filled automatically.

There is an Appearance tab as well that allow users to customize the launched application window, that is whether you want the application to be opened on the left of the screen or on the right side.

App Window

You can also assign a Hotkey combination to launch MadAppLauncher itself, open the Settings tab within the MadAppLauncher interface and assign a combination of keys.

For a better streamlined performance, you can assign different kind of applications separate tabs so that they are placed centrally at one spot. For example, you can place all the multimedia softwares and programs on your PC in the first tab of MadAppLauncher.

Overall MadAppLauncher is an amazing application launcher that I think you will surely download once you are gonna read this post. You can download MadAppLauncher from the internet for free.