Locate Your Stolen Camera Using StolenCameraFinder

When you read the title, some of you will go ‘Yeah right!’ and some will be like ‘Really? Wow’, but you won’t really know what it means unless you read the article. It sounds unrealistic, but it’s not, the application StolenCameraFinder will actually find your stolen or lost camera if it gets enough resources to look for it.


The StolenCameraFinder software is something out of the box as it’s not a software but rather a web based application that promises to perform a task that normal softwares won’t even try to. The web app is one very clever application that helps you find your stolen camera using previous pictures taken by it. Most cameras leave some information such as serial number, date, model of the camera etc when a picture is clicked. StolenCameraFinder uses this information, known as EXIF data, to search the internet for pictures that have been uploaded using the same camera.

Every day millions of pictures are uploaded to the internet, hence it is possible that the person who stole your camera does the same. If you’re lucky enough you might have your stolen camera in your hand soon enough.

How this web app works?

To get this working and hopefully find your stolen camera, you will have to visit the StolenCameraFinder website. Once you’re there, you’ll need to upload a photo that was previously taken using the Camera that was stolen or lost. Once uploaded, the web app searches its directory of stored serial numbers to match the ones from your picture. If a match is found, you can then report about your stolen camera and perhaps get re-united with it.

StolenCameraFinder Screenshot

Isn’t this a very interesting web app? I mean, I would surely use this to try my luck if my camera gets stolen or I somehow manage to lose it.

What do you think of this interesting little web app? Have you ever lost or had your Camera stolen? Do you know of any other such apps?

[ via LifeHacker ]