Live Locker for Android is a Better Lockscreen

The only thing good about the stock Android lockscreen is the ability to add that cool join-the-dots-to-enter security lock. Other than it’s pretty boring to slide away all the time, just like the iOS lockscreen. If you’re looking for some app to change the way you unlock your phone, then Live Locker should make things more beautiful for your phone. Live Locker is an Android Lockscreen app that adds some beautiful widgets and gives you access to four most important apps on your phone, Messages, Phone, Contacts and unlock.

Live Locker Unlock

A while ago, we wrote about WidgetLocker, another such app that can be customized to add sliders based on your requirements. This is not the same, as Live Locker doesn’t have any options to customize anything because you won’t need to. The application will definitely make your Android lockscreen stand out and also provide you access to some of the basic functions like messages, phone and favorite contacts apart from the unlock option. To unlock or enter into any of these apps, you’ll need to move a bubble around in 4 directional ways.


The lockscreen will show you unread messages and missed calls too, making the lockscreen quite useful as well. That’s not it, there are more widgets, just two more to be frank. On both the sides of the clock widget, you’ll see a Camera icon and a Volume icon. The camera shortcut will take you to the camera or to the gallery, whereas the Volume button will let you change the ringer modes to vibrate, loud and silent.

Live Locker Widgets

What I found really attractive was that bubble, which looks like an orb that was probably used to hold some prophecy about how Android is going to reach great heights. Another thing that attracted me was the price as Live Locker will let you make your lockscreen look better for only $0. Yup, it’s free and requires Android 2.0 or above, so expect it to work with entry level Android phones as well.

Download Live Locker from the Android Market.

Do try this out and let us know if you liked it.

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