Listen to your MP3 Files on Drop Box with DropTunes

DropTunes-0 Dropbox is today’s one of the most talked about and used cloud storage service available over the internet. It’s ability to store and sync multiple file formats is just great. These include storing files in MP3 format.

However, one wonders if they can store MP3 files in Dropbox, why can’t they play those stored files. This ability would give users a chance to take their entire music collections online and then play and share it with others. Now this is possible with a free online web based service called DropTunes.

DropTunes can be used if you have a DropBox account and have some Mp3 files uploaded in it. All you need to do is tell DropTunes which folder contains MP3 files and once that is specified, DropTunes makes users to play those MP3 files.


DropTunes offers two ways to play MP3 files easily. The first of these two ways is using simple flash to play MP3 music. This method works for all Flash enabled web browsers and is good for desktop based web browsers. The second method is more suited to the mobile web browsers which don’t often have support for Adobe’s Flash (e.g. Apple Safari mobile browser for iOS) and requires HTML5 for music playback.


DropTunes also has a nifty little features which allows users to also view image files in their Dropbox shared folders.

DropTunes can be called as a service for DropBox which extends its functionality. It is a must use and recommended add-on for anyone who uses DropBox.

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  1. My gosh you just saved me 40 m of downloading a file from my dropbox account, THIS IS GENIUS!!!!

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